Bart Womack – Embedded Enemy



Screenplay by Bart E. Womack WGA # 1933683

Military/Action/Thriller True Story Crime

Kuwait 2003

Logline: After a deadly attack on the 101st Airborne Division during, the Screaming Eagles search for clandestine Insurgents. As casualties mount, a shocking twist ensues when they meet the most improbable of adversaries, an Embedded Enemy.

Bart Womack Director Producer

“Twenty years later, the world has no idea ‘how’ this event actually took place.”

- Bart E. Womack

Bart Womack announced earlier this year that Embedded Enemy is due to become a major motion picture. Survivors have already expressed their excitement at the development of a film around their story.

Bart is a 30-year military veteran with an extensive knowledge of film and television. He wrote the screenplay adapted from the book in 2021, and is the sole owner of the screenplay free and clear. He is dedicated to making a high-end, commercial movie for global audiences for both the studios and major independent distributors worldwide.

Within hours of this attack, Bart stood in front of news cameras, not only as a spokesperson for the unit, but as a survivor who was a few feet away from the initial grenade as it exploded.

Embedded Enemy will feature a recognizable cast, a prolific director and commercial content. The movie will have the potential for a major theatrical release in all major territories. This year, he is actively meeting with A-list filmmakers and producers from around the globe to secure a highly qualified and driven team with a solid plan.

Film industry investors can invest in the movie production to receive their return when the movie is sold for distribution. In addition to bringing a level of unmatched authenticity to the film, his position as a senior military leader, allows for a relationship with the Office Chief of Public Affairs (OCPA). OCPA assists film professionals by providing support to their projects. This relationship could garner substantial value to the production. True military stories not only appeal to the public, drawing them to theaters, but are proven financial successes.

The only witness to this garish crime from the initial boom, until the capture and confession, Bart is unequivocally and uniquely qualified to play an integral role to assist filmmakers in telling this story.