Bart Womack – Embedded Enemy


"No Profession, level of education, ideology or religion is above reproach. There is no profile. The Insider Threat is closer than you think."

            - Bart. E. Womack


‘Embedded Enemy’ Survivor Shares Gripping True Story of Deadly Terrorist Attack on 101st Airborne Division



"True to life. Written straight from first hand accounts, we need to hear what happened and what went through the minds of our warriors and what they go through for this great country. Easy read, anybody would like it. The book is not filled with "Hollywood" scenes for mere entertainment purposes, but simply how it happened. I would suggest this book to all readers, military and civilians alike, you will not be disappointed.”


Bart Womack announced earlier this year that Embedded Enemy is due to become a major motion picture. Survivors have already expressed their excitement at the development of a film around their story. 


In his keynotes, Bart shares his first-hand expert knowledge and experience as a survivor of domestic terrorism. He combines moving stories, compelling research and breakthrough tools that inspire audiences into strategy, prevention and actions they can grab onto. His broad appeal ranges from colleges to law enforcement. They understand a new way that frees them from the predisposed condition and behavior of their past. That inspiration is backed with more than 20 years of experience.